Battery to Charger (BTC) Interface

All of our World Wise Chargers feature the unique BTC interface, a State of the art charging method that utilizes a safe and effective combination of Constant Current and Constant Voltage. This process provides our batteries with the most balanced charge possible while eliminating the possibility of overcharge.

The BTC interface begins with the Viper Battery communicating the status of its existing capacity to the charger. If the battery indicates that the current state of charge is less than capacity, the charger will initiate a constant current charge rate of 2 Ah (max) for the Traveler and 60% of rated and 3 Ah for the Twin and the Quad. During this process, all three chargers will exhibit red indicator lights.

When the battery achieves between 60% to 90% of its rated capacity, the charging method will switch to constant voltage and the indicator light will turn orange. A constant 16.8* volt charge will then be applied to the battery until the battery also achieves a voltage of 16.8*.

When the battery's circuit board senses a voltage match between charger and battery, the indicator light will switch to green, signifying that the battery is between 90%-100% of its full capacity and is able to be used. The charger will then gradually reduce the charge rate until it senses a match. Then the charger will gently maintain a voltage balance until the battery is removed. This process is much safer than the negative delta V (-V) method of charging, which requires the battery to actually be overcharged in order to achieve the  (-)  negative voltage reading that disengages the charger. That type of repetitive overcharging will only reduce the battery's performance and number of charge cycles (overall life). (*16.8 volts is the cell manufacturers suggested charging voltage.)