Height: 9.50" (base to handle); Width: 3.50" (face w/ LEDs); Depth : 5.50" (mounting sides); Weight: 2.00 lbs. (w/o batteries)

Input: 90-240 VAC / 47-63 Hz Output:

Charge Ports 16.8 VDC / 3 A Power Source 15 VDC / 4.5 A

Two-Position Lithium-ion Battery Charger; the World Wise Twin charger is specifically designed for use with The Viper, Li-ion camera battery.

Equipped with our exclusive BTC interface, this "smart" charger is constantly receiving voltage status from the Viper's specially designed Safety First Circuitry. This allows the charger to provide just the right amount of voltage and current every charge.

Maintaining an even charge current that is carefully monitored against overcharging is the best way to extend the life of your lithium-ion battery. That is why The Viper comes with an industry leading 18-months warranty!

We call our lithium-lon battery chargers World Wise because they are capable of accepting from 90 to 240 VAC and between 47-63 Hz, so you can take them just about anywhere.

Both the Twin and Quad chargers can be used as power supply*, conveniently converting any of the previously mentioned inputs into a 15.8 Volt 4.5 Amp, 4 Pin output.

(*Note: Unit cannot be used as a charger and power source simultaneously)