World Wise Traveler specifications: Length: 5.63”; Width-: 2.88”; Depth : 1.81”; Weight: 1.01 lbs.

Length of cords from transformer: To wall: 4.5’

To battery: 6’ 

The World Wise Traveler, portable Li-ion battery charger is lightweight and powerful. Its 2Ah charge current will completely charge The Viper in a little under six hours. Featuring our BTC interface technology, the Traveler is a safe, effective way to always be assured of a full charge anywhere on the planet. Its capability to accept 90-240 VAC and between 47-63 Hz gives you great flexibility when traveling.

Our competitors would prefer you to purchase a two position charger, that’s because you would need two of their batteries to have the same power as one Viper. Those chargers generally cost anywhere from $500 to $1,000 each. The Traveler costs much less, about $500 to $1000 less