The World Wise Quad is the charge of choice when the job calls for multiple batteries to be fully charged at the same time. This workhorse is capable of charging 4 Viper-160 batteries simultaneously from empty to full (11Amps) in under 4 hours! That’s 640 watt hours of available power by lunchtime!

The Quad’s BTC interface will ensure your battery’s ability to provide the full 160 watt hours every charge. Combine that with the Safety First Circuitry of The Viper, and you are guaranteed to receive optimum battery performance for no less than 18 months. The Quad also accepts 90 to 240 VAC and between 47-63 Hz, and like The Twin, it can be used as a 15.8 Volt / 4.5 Amp power supply.

World wise Quad Specifications

Height: 6.75” (base to handle); Width : 4.63” (face w/LEDs); Depth : 9.75” (mounting sides); Weight: 5.00 lbs.

Input: 90-240 VAC / 47-63 Hz Outputs

Charge Ports 16.8 VDC / 3 A Power Source 15.8 VDC / 4.5 A